K is for Killer

July 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

K is for Killer This illustration is part of an alphabet book I’m working by Kevin Stein titled “M is for Monster”

I thought I’d use the opportunity to comment on issues that are beyond the stuff of children’s nightmares. The nightmares that keep me up at night are squarely based in current reality. The mass shooting that occurred last night is just one manifestation of a profoundly sick society.

Our children play first person shooter games from an early age based on technology originally designed by the military to de-sensitize soldiers to killing people. Most people have a natural aversion to slaughter, so hundreds of hours at the trigger shooting simulated human targets helps make murder a fun and mundane activity.

Our leaders get together every “Terror Tuesday”and pick a ‘baseball card’ from their kill list to be the lucky recipient of a Hellfire Missile launched from a Predator Drone. The names are picked by the same intelligence agencies who told us WMD’s in Iraq were a “Slam Dunk”. The targets are, of course. denied any charges, trial or defense. Why deal with all that pesky jurisprudence when you can proceed directly to execution? The fact that these executions are illegal and that the people carrying out the orders could be prosecuted for murder doesn’t seem to present a problem to our fearless leaders who are guided by only the highest ‘humanitarian’ ideals. If a couple of dozen children or people simply attending a wedding happen to get blown up in the process, well that’s just ‘collateral damage’

Should we really be shocked when one of the kids trained to kill on hyper-violent computer games, bombarded by a blood-drenched culture posing as ‘entertainment’ and taught that a foreign policy based on war crimes is ‘humanitarian’ commits acts of obscene violence?



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  • Marie says:

    I am no art critic or special known artist….just another passionate,intense, & sometimes puzzeled while frustrated & angry not sure what to do old lady who does art on the side. I think you Rock! You have guts& balls & good for you Dammit! Your my hero. Your work so be on more t-shirts I bill boards!

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