Everybody Knows

November 1, 2010 § 1 Comment


Ben by Anthony Freda

“Everybody Knows the fight was fixed, the poor stay poor the rich get rich” goes a line in a Leonard Cohen song.

I’m just an artist trying to make sense of the world,  using my art as a vehicle to channel the passion I feel about the injustice I see everywhere.

I have been accused of creating art that is somehow Un-American. That assessment is not accurate and completely misses the point of my work. I feel privileged to have been born in this country and I cherish the notion of personal freedom that America was founded on. I am pointing a finger at those who enact policies that destroy our freedoms and start wars that needlessly kill Americans and innocents abroad. Their agenda does not represent my idea of what this country stands for. Our ‘officials’ are not America, We are.

Shepard Fairey, the brilliant artist who created the iconic ‘Hope’ image has recently expressed his disappointment with BHO. It seems to me that his image was like a glass of champagne on a first date. It’s filled with the dreamy sense of possibility and promise that someone you don’t really know yet can offer.  I want my work to go down like a hot cup of black coffee the morning after. Something like “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. A graphic depiction of the sins our ‘fearless leaders’ have committed in our name.

Every unjust war we start puts a black mark on our collective soul. The lies that brought us into the Vietnam conflict made us cynical.  The lies that brought us into Iraq have destroyed trust in Government for many of us. Frank Rich points out that instead of bringing American ideas of freedom to Iraq, this war is bringing the political chaos of Iraq to America.I think on some level, Everybody Knows that we have lost our way, and America’s future is bleak unless we reverse the damage that has been done to us by the interests that promote and finance the war machine.

Despite promises to the contrary, The Bush Doctrine of endless, preemptive war continues to be the cornerstone of our foreign policy, and The Patriot Act remains intact as a testament to tyranny. What will the next war bring?



Anthony Freda


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§ One Response to Everybody Knows

  • Doug Berger says:


    A suggestion for a cartoon for Gerald Celente:

    A burglar is pointing a gun at a victim, possibly a banker. The caption is:

    “Stick-em-up, this is a hair cut!”

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