Painting is an instrument of war

October 7, 2010 § 3 Comments


Anthony Freda Gun Girl

Anthony Freda, Gun Girl


Pablo Picasso said “Painting is not meant to decorate apartments, painting is an instrument of war.”

As an editorial illustrator, I am often given the task of creating a compelling image to accompany a story pertaining to current events. I have created visual commentary on issues including The Iraq War and Katrina for the op-ed page of The New York Times and cloning for Time magazine. When an issue arises that inspires me, but there is no assignment, I make my own.

The attempt is always to imbue my images with the passion I feel for many of these issues with just enough humor to keep them from being strident. Passion and humor are two of the traits I admire most about my dad, and these characteristics have organically found their way into my work.

I try to be diplomatic in life and non-combative, with varying degrees of success. I make no such attempt in the realm of my art. The work you will see here has a distinct point of view that you might not always share, but I guarantee that it’s genuine.

This is my first salvo in the information war. This is a war against war. A war against lies and tyranny and corruption. I may not be the first choice to paint something that looks pretty over your couch, but I think I have some pretty sharp arrows left in my quiver. Feel free to let me know what You think.

This painting was originally commissioned by Playboy for a story about woman hunters. Bruce Hansen, art director.

Anthony Freda


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